Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review of Collections Brow Kit

Collection Brow Kit

Hi Doll's!
How are you all?!
Today I wanted to brag about how good this Collection Brow Kit is!

Honestly it is so good I am particularity obsessed with the Collection Brow Gel! I now cannot fill in my brows without using this Brow Gel. I personally love that it does not have a tint to it!

So lets start at basics, this kit includes three different brow colours this is so handy as it ranges from a fair colour, a taupe colour to a dark greyish colour. This will suit many of you ladies out there who love to fill in their brows!

Also these colours are quite blend-able so you could mix the colours to achieve your preferred brow colour. Lets face it everyone now a days loves filling in their brows as they really do define and frame your face.

Now my favourite part of this kit is the Brow Gel!
 Its so good at keeping all those stray brow hairs in place. It grips the brow hairs and keeps them in the desired position. BONUS!

The wand itself is small and precise in its design, it has the ability to grab all of the Brow hairs ensuring that the Brows stay in place all day. A personal preference of mine is that after I apply my Brow powder I also like to re-coat my Brows in another coat of Brow Gel. I love to concentrate the Brow Gel threw the front of the brow to brush out excess brow powder and keep the front hairs of my Brows brushed up! Thats if your into that Brow effect!

Also another major bonus with this Brow Kit is that it comes with a dual ended brush. 
I cannot tell you how handy this brush is! Its angled at one side and flat at the other side. I love the angled side of the brush as it helps to precisely define the Brows and give your Brow Game Life! The flat end of the brush is handy for brushing the Brows and blending out the colour on your Brows.

Also the Brow colours are pigmented and easy to blend something I had not expected from this affordable Brow Kit. There is nothing in this Kit that underwhelmed me!NOTHING!

I love this  Kit so much!! Its so small and compact and easy to travel with. The packaging is very durable and good quality too!

Its also now on special offer in Boots. Click here to shop or the Images.

I hope you enjoyed this Review of the Collection Brow Kit!
Let me know how you get on with it.

Love Eleanor x

*These Images are from Google as my Brow Kit is well used!

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