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My Favourite Bronzers | Mac Cosmetics | NYC | Catrice |

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So during Summer I like to have glowing bronzey skin! I think it makes you look healthier to have a flush of colour on it. I like to apply my bronzer to my forehead, cheeks and the tip of nose to give my skin that natural sun kissed look.

So today I am going to tell you about my favourite bronzers! I love both Mac bronzers and drug store. When buying drug store bronzers look for a bronzer with a pinky undertone to help the bronzer look less orangey on your skin.

Medium Deep Bronzer

My current all time fave bronzer is Macs MSF in medium deep! It gives your skin a lovely bronze look without looking orange. It blends onto the skin beautifully and does not look muddy on the skin. I like to apply this product onto my skin lightly and build up the colour as it is very pigmented. Always tap off excess product from the brush. The  product is in a lovely compact package that includes a mirror. This is so handy as you can touch up on the go if needed! Its small and durable and hand bag friendly!

Bronzing powder

Bronzing Powder

For nights out I like to combine two bronzers on my skin. This bronzer is again by Mac called Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder. I like this one to create depth on my cheek bones, it acts as a lovely contour! This bronzer has a greyish undertone so it creates the illusions of a shade underneath the cheek bones. This bronzer is perfect for anyone who is nervous around contouring as it is hard to apply too much bronzer to the skin. This is because is the powder is pressed tightly and does not cover your brush in product. This again will help to stop your skin looking muddy. This packaging is handy and compact too and includes a mirror. Plus I love this bronzer as it adds shape to my face and makes it look slimmer! Yayy!
Sun Glow Matte Bronzer Powder

I used to use this bronzer for ages until I treated myself to a Mac bronzer. I love my Catrice bronzer called Sun Glow for Darker Skin. This is still my go to bronzer! Its pigment is excellent. As you can see from the picture it is well used as I have hit pan. I need to replace it soon. To me this bronzer is very comparable to the MSF in medium deep. The only difference I can see is that you need to apply lightly too the skin as it does not blend as well! But for the price its sooo worth it. The finish it gives your skin is amazing. The packaging is nice and compact but does not contain a mirror. 
Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder

Bronzing Face Powder

Last but not least is the NYC bronzer called Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder.This is really inexpensive and is great quality. It also gives your skin a lovely over all bronze look! This powder is a little bit orangey if applied heavily. So again only dip your brush in for your application. I love using this on my forehead and my nose as it gives my skin the ultimate sun kissed look. I love how natural it can  look on my skin. I even sometimes add a few drawn in freckles onto my skin to make my skin look more natural. The packaging is a little less durable. So I wouldn't advice that you pop it into your handbag as it may break and ruin your handbag!

Mac, NYC, Catrice,

I love all of these bronzers if I could I would chuck all of them onto my face! How amazing would that look?! I hope you try these out I highly recommend them to you!

Happy reading! I hope you enjoyed tweet me your favourites!

Love Eleanor x 

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