Tuesday, 23 June 2015

25euro Make Up Challenge | Collaboration |

Hi Dolls!
Today I am trying to do a make up look for €25! I was a little under budget!Boom
This post is in collaboration with my Blogger friends; Helen also known as Grumpylovebeaut,  Amie, Alice and Lisa we all took part in the €25 challenge! Click on their names to see how well they did!
I think I cheated a little :)

I did not include brushes in my challenge fair play to you Dolls that did, I could not do that!?

So the look is an easy simple everyday make up look, maybe its appropriate for work or for a dash around the shops. I loved this look because all the products are affordable making you look a more polished version of yourself! I used very little make up I mainly focused on my base/face but I have to admit I really missed using bronzer and high lighter! This was a struggle not to apply! I missed glowing skin real bad!

The first thing I did was apply my foundation, can you guess what it is? Thats right Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory. I love this stuff and I treated myself to a new bottle from Boots costing €10.99. I love this foundation it gives my skin a luminous glow which helped me feel better as I live for dewy skin. 

I then powdered my skin, I always do this to ensure everything sets in place and stays put during the day. I used my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent. This is my favourite powder to use! This was purchased at Boots and costed me €5.99.

Now I have my base complete I already feel more confident. The next step I usually do are my brows. I used my Collection Brow Kit, this is so handy it includes an angled brush and a brow mascara. I love to use my mascara before I apply any brow powder and afterwards to set in place. Today I went for a natural brow that was not overly defined.

At present I have lash extensions on so its advised not wear mascara with them! I did not apply mascara however I did purchase a mascara that I love from Cara priced at €2.00. Its affordable and really lengthens and separates your lashes its a benefit dupe. If you wanted an extra glam look on your eyes you could scoop out some mascara onto a surface and apply it as gel eye liner. It works perfectly trust me. If your nervous about it transferring to your upper lip set the liner with Collection Brow Kit powder the darkest shade. Handy tip for you!

Also you could use the Brow shadows to do a eye shadow look they blend quite well, I was happy with my simple easy make up look.

To finish off this look I went for a pink lip liner from NYX any pink colour will do I used the colour Rose. I slightly over liner my lips for this look. My lips were my focal point. I have this liner a while and it cost me about €4.00. 

NYX lip liner in Rose

I loved this love it took me no length to apply and was so affordable! If I had my way I would love to apply some glow to my skin, but a challenge is a challenge! I hope you enjoyed? Be sure to check out my other Blogger friends too! They did such fabulous looks! I commend ye ladies for not including brushes in your challenges! 

Thanks so much girls for inviting me to be apart of this collaboration!

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