Monday, 25 May 2015

Glowing Skin|How to Achieve|

Hi Dolls!
How are you all on this glorious Monday back to work back to the normal routine. Yawnnn!
Why not add a little Glow and luminosity into your skin this week?
I will show you how I achieve me skin glow.

Step One:

So first off I cannot stress the importance of prepping your skin before foundation.
It helps to plump up your skin and fill in your pores. Bonus!
It also helps improve the longevity of your foundations wear.
I apply this moisturiser in circular motions onto my skin. I then tap the moisturiser around the eye as this stimulates blood circulation and activates the absorption.

Step Two:

This is an illuminating BB cream, however I like to use it as a high-lighter on my skin.
After the cream moisturiser has had a few minutes to soak into your skin I then tap this BB cream onto the highest points of my face where I want the most glow. So I tap the illuminator onto the highest parts of my cheek bones, nose bridge a little on the centre of the forehead and the cupids bow.

Step Three:

I then apply an illuminating foundation on top of my prepped base. This is my holy grail foundation as it illuminates and gives the skin an over all glow. The foundations coverage is build able and gives your skin a dewy finish.

Step Four:

Now the fun part that GLOWWW!!!!!
I just love this Mac MSF Soft and Gentle powder nothing makes my skin glow more than this!
If I could I would bathe my whole body in this bliss!
I amply apply this onto the top of my cheek bones the centre of my forehead down the bridge of my nose, the cupids bow, a little on my chin and a little under my brow bone. So yes I apply it pretty much everywhere! 

Sometimes I even feel like I need to up my glam and glow, so I dust this Urban decay flushed palette on top of my cheek bones also, under the brow the eyes inner corner and the cupids bow. I am obsessed with the glow!

I hope you enjoyed reading this Blog and have fun adding a little glow to your skin! 
I would be lost without it!

Love Eleanor x

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