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Gerard Cosmetics | Lipstick | Review

Gerard Cosmetics Review of Lipsticks


Hi Dolls!
I hope ye are all well? So if any of ye know me I am constantly rabbiting on about how I need to try Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks.! Eventually after a long time of nagging my boyfriend about these beauties I bit the "bullet" lol and purchased myself five of these lipsticks. When I received these in the mail I was so super excited! The packaging is what drew me to them I absolutely love gold packaging it looks so glamorous! Who does not love feeling glam? I have them displayed on my vanity and they look soo pretty...you need them Dolls. Also there Glam photos on Instagram made me feel like I was missing out!

So lets start this Review then!

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

1995 | I love this lipstick it was developed and formulated by the Queen herself Jaclyn Hill. 1995 is a perfect description of what to expect from this lipstick, its got the whole 90's vibe going on. I love the lip colour that Kylie Jenner has been rocking lately and this lipstick is very similar to what Kylie wears. On my pale skin it looks a mauve colour with a hint of a brown nude I feel so glam rocking this! In my opinion this lipstick is a blend between a creme sheen finish and a matte finish. I feel the need to top this lippy up every few hours as its not matte its staying power is not as good as matte lippies! This lipstick also felt really hydrating on my lips and believe me I have dry lips so this was a plus for me. 1995 is scented and I would describe it as a citrus scent which I love it smells soo gooood!! I am actually smelling it right now....weird I know :) 

Gerard Cosmetics

Buttercup | This name is so sweet omg I love it! This is also formulated by the Queen Jaclyn Hill, she created this lippy first and did an amazing job! This lipstick lives in my handy bag as I love to apply it when I am out and about for a little pick me up! I love pink toned lipsticks and this has everything I love wrapped into one perfect lipstick its a pinky nude with a little sheen to it. It sits smoothly on the lips keeping them lovely and hydrated. The pigment is a sheer pigment so I like to apply a layer then blot then apply another layer to add intensity to the colour. I would love if the pigment was more intense but then it may become a drier formulation so I guess its a win or loose situation. For the days I want my lips to look extra pink I add a pink lip liner all over this improves longevity and pigment!

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

All Dolled Up | Ok I changed my mind this colour is my favourite bright lips are my first love. If I am running late for something and can only spare a few minutes on my face I will add mascara and a bright Lipstick as this will make me look presented and polished...well in my head that's what I think!
I love this lipstick its almost a neon coloured pink its so pretty on and stays put on my lips for hours. It is quite comparable to MAC'S Candy Yum-Yum but in my opinion this lipsticks pigment is better and lasts longer on my Lips. It again has a lovely creamy texture to it and adds moisture to my Lips.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

Nude | This nude lipstick has a peachy undertone which I like as it adds a little warmth to the Lips that does not completely wash out your face. This is a very pigmented nude shade a little goes a long way. It has more of a matte finish to the Lips so it does not require touch ups! I love wearing this nude Lip on a night out!
Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

Kimchi Doll | I feel bad saying this but this lipstick is my least favourite it just does not flatter my pale skin. I seen they hype for this on Instagram and it looked sooo friggen pretty... and I was like I wanaa look like that!? I applied it on and I was like ooh gawd no! The lippy is an intense nude that mutes out any natural pigment in your lips and adds an intense nude colour, it again seems peachy but differs from the Nude shade mentioned above. I just felt that this shade washed out my complexion made me look a little too pale! It is a matte finish which is great for longevity. I am by no means saying that this Lipstick is not good quality it just simply did not suit me and my complexion I am sure it is a fantastic lipstick for other skin shades. The quality of this Lipstick is very good just not a go too for me!

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

Overall I would Rate these Lipsticks 9/10 I only take a mark off as I do which that the Lipsticks lasted a little longer and required fewer touch up! But we cant have it all! I will definitely be adding to my collection again soon as the packaging and range of colours makes my heart weak! :)

Have you tried these Lipsticks? What is your favourite, let me know?

Happy reading!

Love Eleanor x

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