Thursday, 27 August 2015

| The Products you need for going back to School! |

Hi Dolls!!
How are you all? I am sorry for my absence I have been so busy! I hope to get back into the swing of things again soon! So unfortunately I am not young enough any more to be going back to school :) But if you are I hope this post helps! I think these products are perfect and affordable for that back to school make up look! If you have a Boots shop near you check out the Rimmel range they usually have a 3 for 2 offer on their products! Bargain!

When I do my make up I rarely use a primer, I just find that my foundation lasts quite well without it. I feel that this is because my skin is quite dry and tends to cling to my foundation well without primer. However if I have an occasion and I need my foundation to last I may apply a little primer on my nose as I have larger pores there which can eventually become apparent after a long day of wearing a full face of make up. I remember been a teenager and my T-zone would get quite oily especially around the apple of my cheeks. I would recommend this primer to help prevent your skin becoming oily through out the day. Its affordable for you Dolls too. I always apply primer with my clean hands as this helps work primer into the skin smoothing out your pores. Try to use a a dabbing technique when applying primer opposed to a rubbing technique as it maximises the benefits associated with your primer. Funnily enough if you apply too much primer to your face it will act the opposite to the way you want, it will end up making your foundation slip off!!

I remember those early school mornings especially in Winter I used to be ooh so comfortable in my bed! Its so hard to get up I only ever had fifteen minutes max to literally put my face on! At that time the essentials for me where to apply my foundation and to conceal my eye bags. Back then I used to apply my foundation with these awful sponges! The thought gives me chills If you have a few spare euro I really recommend that you invest your money in a few brushes. I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ( make sure you wet it before using! ) for both my foundation and concealer I literally bounce it all over my face. Please remember to blend your foundation down your neck a little to avoid any obvious make up lines. Also your skin is so beautiful when your young; soft, ceaseless and glowing so use both these products sparingly tp avoid your make up looking like a mask! 

I know a lot of you Dolls do not powder your skin and that is completely up to you, after all the dewy skin look is still on trend! But for me I like to set my whole face in powder to keep it from moving around throughout the day. I do not apply layers of powder just enough to take that tacky feel off of my skin. I use a large fluffy powder brush to do this. Make sure you set the foundation on your neck to avoid transference of product onto your blouse. 

For me I always struggle in a hurry to create a good brow, and I am sure you will be rushing so much in the morning that you will love this quick and easy product. All you have to do is comb this product threw your brows and it effortlessly gives your brows a tint, structure and an over all groomed look!! Winning! :) 

Almost done now! You probably only have a few minutes left to spare now...
I like to also add volume to my lashes I love this W7 mascara! With a quick flick of your wand you have quickly and easily enhanced your eyes! Hopefully this will make you look more awake too!

To complete this look I added a dab of blush, I used the middle blush from this Sleek compact. It has finely milled sparkles in it that add both a pop of colour to your face and a glow.

To finish off this look I added a layer of Tiramisu by Nyx  for a nude glossy lip! I lost the photo I had of this Lippy but its well worth investing in and it smells devine! 

Thanks Dolls for reading! I hope this will be a quick and easy look for you to use for going back to school! All these products are Drug store and are affordable!

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section.
Thank you ♡

Lots of Love Eleanor xx 

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