Saturday, 14 May 2016

What I got for my Birthday!

Hi Dolls!
I thought that ye all might like to have a quick snap shot into what I got for my birthday! This birthday was more special than your average birthday as it was my first birthday been a Mommy to my gorgeous baby boy Freddie! I turned 24 ...and boy did I get spoiled! lucky me!

How gorgeous are these Michael Kors earrings? I am obsessed with them in fact  I love them so much I do not know if I should wear them or not...? I know right... I must be crazy? They deserve to be seen! These earrings are such a beautiful gift not only are they elegant with their simple chic design they kinda match my rose gold Michael Kors watch! Winner! They are a match made in heaven! I am so grateful for these beauties thanks to my Nana V who treated me to them, she always knows how to spoil me!

My next prezzie was gifted to me by my handsome little boy, who I must say has excellent taste! How cute is he for remembering his Mommys birthday?? 

Can you guess what he surprised his Mommy with?

I love this so much I love the pastel colour and the simple diamond clasp! The inside of the purse is a blush pink too, it is just oooh soo super pretty! I love it I immediately started using it! I give it a big thumbs up for versatility, what I mean is that  I am normally addicted to purses that look pretty and are fashionable....but maybe just maybe they are not the most practical! Sometimes they only fit in large handbags which as you know is annoying if you want to rock a little black dress and a clutch! But this purse ticks all those boxes, small enough to fit into clutches, designed that it has enough space to hold multiple cards to compartments to hold you wads of cash, and plenty of space for loose change! Thanks Freddie and your daddy who helped spoil me, I hope you remember my birthday next year too!?

I am a firm believer that for your Birthday or Christmas you should always gift yourself something! This year I had not a clue what to buy myself...and then I walked into these bad boy!

I think I was channelling my inner Kendall Jenner! I just wish I had the body to match! Honestly though how amazing are these? I am going to feel boss wearing these! These are my first ever designer undies..I could yet become addicted? Will have to wait and see!

I was also gifted these stunning Lacoste sunglasses! I love the vibrant colour normally my sunglasses are the classic brown or black frames. But with these I am so excited to step outside my comfort zone and wear bright pink frames. I love the shape its so pretty!

Side View pic below! But seriously they look awesome on and are so comfy and best of all they leave no dent around my nose which always blotches off my foundation! 

Something that arrived for my birthday  that I had ordered was this cute coffee mug from My Shining Armour.

At first I was not sure should I use this as a pretty brush holder on my vanity or should I sip my coffee from this posh mug? Honestly it was such a dilemma! Hehe! What did I choose?? Well I decided to sip my coffee from it! I love it I feel so elegant drinking from gold polka dotted mug stamped with my initials! You should all treat yourselves to one! C'est tres chic!!!

On my actual birthday I had a birthday lunch where I indulged myself! It was oh so yummy and so lovely! This year I felt so blessed for my little family and all my friends and family! I was truely spoiled! 

Just a note there in nothing nicer than a chilled vino to a new mommy! believe me I really enjoyed this! Its the little things... oooh almost forgot I devoured all of this bad boy too!!

How yummy does this Meringue look topped with beautiful fresh fruit and ice cream! As I am writing this my mouth is watering.. I need another one!? Y U M M Y !! 

To top it all off I had a birthday weekend too  gifted to me by my Mom in a fabulous hotel in Satlhill and an amazing Spa day in the G hotel from my boyfriend! This was absolutely amazing! I totally needed a break to chill and unwind!

I was gifted lots of things this year thank you to all! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you for reading!

Love Eleanor x x 

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