Monday, 6 June 2016

Why you need this high lighter! | Sleek Solstice High Lighter

Hi Dolls! 
I know my Insta feed has been full of endless selfies of me wearing the Sleek Solstice high lighter palette. The reason why? It is just amazing and can probably seen from outer space!! I am NOT kidding.... it gives the most intense glow!!

I bought my sister this high lighter as a Christmas present, I just thought the packaging was cute! I had not heard much about the product itself! I have never been so wrong about a product! I kept complimenting her glow and every time she would repeat its the sleek palette! I eventually I ordered it and fell in love for myself.

I love all of these high lighters, but I do have my favourite.  I personally love the gold high lighter it suits my pale skin the most, the yellowy high lighter makes my skin look a little dull but looks  lovely when I have a tan. There is a cream high lighter too that I love to use on my décolletage across the collar bones it gives my skin a lovely radiant luminous glow! If you are more daring than I am the lilac high lighter is so cool, I would most defiantly wear it at a festival for a retro glow, I mean who would not like a lilac glow from their face?? So super pretty!

Another plus for this is the packaging I love the gold packaging!! Its so pretty and elegant! There is also a F A B U L O US  mirror in the palette that I love to use for doing my make up.It is so good and really clear, sometimes I pop it into my bag and use it for touch ups.

Just look at that  G L O W!! Its by far the most intense glow I have ever used and it is so affordable! I still love my Mac soft and gentle high lighter for a subtle glow, but now I am living for an intense mind blowing glow!

So please run along to your nearest Boots and buy this bad boy you wont be disappointed!!

Thank Dolls for reading!
Let me know if you love this too...or what is your go to high lighter?
Love Eleanor x

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