Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Warm Brown Smokey Eye

Warm Smokey Eye

Hi everyone today I am going to show you how I achieved this warm smokey eye. I love warm brown colours as I feel it makes my blue eyes pop!

Firstly I recommend that when you are doing a dramatic smokey eye that you start off with your eyes. This is in case you have any fall out from your eye shadows and destroy your foundation! Believe me this has happened me more than once.

Step One:

I love to start out any eye look with an eye shadow primer, I use "Mac Prolong Wear Concealer" in "NW20" as this prevents your eye  shadow from creasing and removes the pigment your lids may naturally have. ( For example little pigmented veins)
To set this concealer I used a dusting of "Rimmel Stay Matte" powder in "Translucent".

Step Two:

I then used a large fluffy brush from "Inglot" called the "6ss" to buff in a transition colour to my crease. For this I used "Make Up Geek's" "Peach Smoothie" I cannot recommend this eye shadow enough!

Step Three:

I literally cannot do eye shadow without this technique! I suggest to everyone doing their make up that they apply selotape to the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow bone.  This helps to give your eye that lovely lifted look.

Step Four:

I then begin to apply my darker eye shadows. My Favourite eye shadow of all time at the moments is "Make Up Geek's" "Cocoa Bear". Its warm toned with a reddish undertone making my eyes pop! I again buff this colour into my crease with a smaller more precise brush for definition. The "Mac 217" is ideal for this, as it blends eye shadows perfectly. However be careful not to blend the eye shadow too far up the cease as it will look a little crazy! I spend at least two minutes blending this eye shadow to remove any harsh lines. 

Step Five:

I then Packed on "Inglot's" eye shadow in "37" onto the lid with my ring finger. I used my finger for this as I feel it packs on the shadow faster than a brush.

Step Six:

I then blended "MUG" "Frappe" into the crease again to help remove any harsh lines from the lids shadow.

Step Seven:

I applied "Rimmel's" Kohl eye-liner in black messily along the lash line, both to the upper and lower lash line, I then used "Real Techniques Accent Brush" to smudge this liner out. I then applied lashings of mascara. I used "Benefits" "They're Real Mascara", don't forget you lower lashes!

Step Eight:

Now repeat all these steps above to your lower lash line! I know lots of people are frightened to wear eye shadow on their lower lash line. But trust me and try it. Just in case you are confused you can now remove the selotape! You should have a lovely lifted eye making your eyes looks bigger and more sultry. 

Step Nine:

I then applied some false lashes I used "Double Trouble" from "Penneys". I like to trim lashes to fit my eye shape, I nearly always trim off the inner corner part of the lash. 

Step Ten:

I then add high lighter to my inner eye corners and my brow bone to brighten the eye. I used "Urban Decay's" eye shadow in "Booty Call". I also packed on "Macs Soft and Gentle" for a little extra inner eye high lighter. Gotta love that glow!!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my Blog! Tweet me any questions you may have.

Love Eleanor x

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