Friday, 8 May 2015

My Everyday Make Up

Quick and Easy Make Up

Hi everyone! 
Today I am going to show you I created this quick and easy make up look! This is my go to look when I am in a hurry, which lets face it is all the time! This look takes only about ten minutes, and if you hadn't ten minutes I am sure you could leave out a step or two that you feel you don't need.

Step One:

I always like to start my eye make up first, just in case I have fall out from my eye shadows.
I always prime my eye lids to remove any unwanted pigment. Today I used "w7" concealer in the shade "fair". I then set this concealer using a light dusting of "Rimmels" "stay matte all day" powder in the colour "translucent".

Step Two:

I then quickly swirl my eye brush into my bronzer, today I used my bronzer from "Catrice". I applied this all over my lids and blended into my crease. This technique really opens up hooded eyes making you look more awake. I then added "Macs" "Soft and Gentle" to my inner corners and my brow bone to make them pop and to brighten up the area in general. If you have time I would suggest that you then go over your crease again with a fluffy blending brush to blend the high lighter and bronzer in. The brush I used was "Inglots 6ss".

Step Three:

I then curled my eye lashes, this is a step you could skip if you do not have enough time! But for me it helps to open up my eyes. I then apply a voluminous mascara to the both my upper and lower lashes. When the Mascara has dried I applied some of the "Catrice" bronzer to my lower lash line, again you could skip this step.

Step Four:

I then quickly filled in my brows. On a everyday basis I personally do not like over filling in my brows as it can look too harsh. I quickly filled in my brows using a "Rimmel" brow pencil. I also kept brushing out the brows with the spoolie to remove excess product. I do recommend that you add some shape to your brows everyday as they do frame your face. If you are not confident with your brow game try a brow mascara. "Collection" do a brilliant brow mascara and they sell it in a variety of colours.

Step Five:

For my foundation I did not need a lot of coverage as my skin was quite clear. So I mixed my "Rimmel" "wake me up foundation" with a skin illuminator from "L'oreal". This gave my skin a sheer coverage and added luminosity. I also love been able to see my freckles, it makes you look healthy! I dabbed the foundation into my skin using my "Expert face brush" from "Real Techniques", this technique helps to lock the foundation into the skin. 

Step Six:

I then added a touch of concealer under my eyes and down the centre of my nose to conceal any darkness I had. I applied "w7" concealer in the shade "fair" with my clean fingers as the heat from my fingers helped to push the product into my skin flawlessly.

Step Seven:

I then quickly dusted my face with "Rimmels" " stay matte all day" powder in the shade "translucent". After I applied this all over my face I added bronzer for warmth. Today I used "Macs" Mineralize Skin Finish" in the shade "medium deep". I did not use this to contour the face but rather to add warmth so I applied it on my cheek bones the side of my forehead and down my neck. 

Step Eight:

I then added more glow to my skin! I am obsessed with that GLOW! I applied "Macs" "soft and gentle" to the highest point of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, above the arch of my brow and on the cupids bow.

Step Nine:

I then completed this look using a brown coloured lip liner from "Catrice" in the shade "Hey Macadamia a hey". 

Thank you all so much for reading my Blog.

Love Eleanor x

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