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Plum Coloured Smoked out Winged Eyeliner

Winged Out Liner Eye Look

Hi everyone!
 So today I am going to posting about how I achieved this Plum coloured eye look with a dramatic winged eye liner!

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Step One:

So firstly it is so important that you start off any make up look with a fresh clean base. 
I have got into this new routine of double cleansing! But that post will be for another day! On this occasion I applied my moisturiser from Ponds. I left it then to absorb into the skin whilst I started doing my eye make up.
Its important to let your cream absorb, otherwise it does not plump up your skin, and this means your fine lines and pores are still obvious. 
Just to note that on this occasion I did not use a primer!

Step Two:

I concealed my eye lids with my Mac Pro Long Wear concealer in the shade NW20. This preps my eyes for eye shadow and concealer and pigment I may have on my lid. I also like to set this concealer to stop my lids from creasing. I used Rimmels Stay Matte all day powder in the shade Translucent.

Step Three:

I then applied sellotape to the outer corner of my eyes in an upwards direction. Personally I have hooded eye lids so this helps to open up my eyes! BONUS!

Step Four:

Buff in a transition shade to your crease, I used Make Up Geeks Peach Smoothie.
Take your time on this step and use a fluffy brush like the Inglots6ss.

Step Five:

I then swapped brushes to Mac 217 as it tends to apply eye shadows a little more precisely.
I dipped my brush into Macs eye shadow called Haux. I blended this into my outer crease and blended it back and forth into the crease. Just a tip I always tap off the excess pigment from the brush. 

This photo just shows how your eyes should look!

Step Six:

I then began to add more Plum coloured eye shadows to the look. I applied Macs Sketch eye shadow to the lid. For this I used my finger as it applied more product. I love this eye shadow I think it is perfect for Blue eyes people! After I applied this to my lid you will begin to notice harsh lines back in your crease! 

Step Seven:

Now you need to get a clean Blending brush like a Mac 217. I then Buffed in the Haux eye shadow to my crease again. this should give your eye shadow a gradient look.

Step Eight:

I then added a mix of Honey Lust and Phloof Mac eye shadows to the inner corner to brighten the eye! This added a lovely pop of colour!

Step Nine:

For me the Gel eye liner is the trickiest part! I have defiantly not mastered this skill as of yet!
I used Inglots Gel eye liner in 77 with an angled brush. I took my time and built up the liner. Please do not draw on your liner in one single motion, take it in steps and gradually it will take shape! The sellotape helps to keep both your wings as symmetrical as possible too!

Step Ten:

I now like to apply lashings of mascara! 
If you want you can add falsies but on this occasion  I did not. At this point I like to take a step back look in the mirror make sure everything is blended. Sometimes  I like to add a little more colour to my outer crease. Today I did this and used Sketch to deepen the Plum colour.

Step Eleven:

Remove the sellotape from the eye area. I like a smoked out lower lash line so I then repeat all of the above steps on my lower lash line.

Step Twelve:

I then brushed my eye brows up and filled them in with Rimmels brow pencil. I then set them in place with Collections brow mascara in clear.

Step Thirteen:

I applied my L'oreal foundation in True Match in the shade w4 all over my face with my Expert face brush from Real Techniques.  I then started to high light my face using my Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer again. I applied this along the side of my nose down as far as my nostril and then up towards my temple. It should look like an upside down triangle. I blended this in with my fingers. The heat helps to work the product into the skin. To sculpt my face I used my Rimmel Match Perfection in Natural Beige. This is a few shades darker than my skin so it added a shadow, perfect for contouring! I added this underneath my cheek bones and alone the forehead. This creates depth and dimension.

Step Fourteen:

I now like to set my skin in place, to do this I used my Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium all over my face. However under my eyes I used Rimmels Stay Matte all day powder to keep the under eye bright. To set the contoured areas I used MSF in Medium deep. To enhance my contour I used Nyx's blush in Taupe. To contour my Nose I used Benefits Hello Flawless powder in Beige.

Step Fifteen:

This is my FAVOURITE part of the make up look! 
I apply Macs Soft and Gentle onto the highest points of my face for that GLOW! Yaaass!
And lastly for the lips! I used Inglots Lip Crayon in 14 for that nude lippy! I then used a L'oreal nude lip gloss on top to add that shine!

Thank you all so much for reading this Blog!
I hope you learnt a trick or two!

Love Eleanor x

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