Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Easy Glam Autumnal Smokey Eye

Hi Dolls!
 I hope you are all good!? The Autumn months are actually my favourite months of the year! I love the idea of snuggling up on the couch and having a candle lit and a big fire on, I really love it! So in saying all this, this is what inspired me to create this smokey eye for you Dolls!

So I wanted to keep this look simple with only a few steps and products. I started off by priming my eye lids with Rimmels Wake Me Up concealer in light. I applied Illamasqua Liquid Metal in the colour Solstice to intense the gold eye shadow I wanted to use. I applied this to the mobile lid with my ring finger. I then applied the shadow half baked from my Naked Two Palette Half Baked with my ring finger also. This intensified the colour pay off!

I then buffed out the edges with my holy grail eye shadow from Make Up Geek Peach Smoothie. This helps to buff out the edges and removes harsh lines. I then buffed in Cocoa Bear into my crease and outer corner. I added the shadow in small amounts, this was to avoid my eyes looking harsh and unblended. 

A good tip when applying your crease shade is to keep your eyes open so you can see your shadow placement and ensure it looks well blended. I love to use my Inglot 6ss to diffuse any harsh lines.

I used BootyCall to highlight my brow bone and the tops of my cheek  bones. I also buffed a little Cocoa Bear under my lower lash line to tie the whole eye together.

I find the Naked Twos eye shadows to be very versatile, today I used the Naked palette to fill in my brows I used the shade Tease with a Real Techniques angled brush. I finished off my brows my applying Maybelline's Brow mascara to keep the hairs in place all day.

Today I wanted to sculpt my face, so I applied my Stilla concealer in dark around the outer perimeters of my face and applied my Rimmel concealer under my eyes down the bridge of my nose. I then buffed out the edges with my Real Techniques Expert face brush and my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I used a stippling motion.

I made sure to blend in all the products really well so there were no harsh lines or muddy areas. Sometimes the blending process can take a little while!

To set all my foundation I applied my Mac Miniralise Skin Finish in Medium all over my face, especially my under eyes to help prevent creasing. I then used my Medium Deep MSF to warm up my face and to contour subtly.

So this was the finished look :) I hope you Dolls like it? Its quick and easy and not too intense, I would wear this day or night. Where would you wear this look? Tweet me your recreations!

Thanks so much for reading!
Love Eleanor xx

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