Thursday, 28 April 2016

My new go to Concealer! Nars Radiant Concealer.

Nars Radiant Concealer

Hi Dolls! 
So a while ago my local Brown Thomas in Limerick got its own Nars counter! I was super duper excited as I had read tonnes of amazing reviews about their new concealer. Am I a fan you ask??
                                                             "OMG YEEEESSSS".

Nars Radiant Concealer is the bomb! Once I had gathered a few cents together I splurged on this goodie! Where do I start..? Firstly I use the shade Chantilly, as I am super pale and wanted an everyday concealer. |If you are tanned or looking for a concealer for night time, I would suggest trying the shade Custard. My old favourite concealer was Mac ProLongWear concealer I thought at the time that it was amazing, but not so much now! I have very dry under eyes and the Mac concealer used to settle into my fine lines and felt a little sticky. Unlike the Mac Concealer this concealer buffs into the skin giving very buildable coverage.

Nars Radiant Concealer

The applicator dispenses product slowly so you can build up coverage and work into the skin. I always found Mac ProLongWear concealer blobbed out way too much product..more than I would ever need!

Nars Radiant Concealer

Tips on how to apply your concealer flawlessly! I love to use a buffing fluffy brush for applying this. I love the Penneys fluffy dual ended synthetic haired brush. I apply my concealer in layers to avoid a cakey build up. A great too know, is that when you use synthetic haired brushes the bristles absorb excess product which again helps avoid cakey looking under eyes! I start off by applying a sheer layer I then go back and add more coverage where is needed. This concealers applicator is great for this. The formula of this concealer is great for dry skin its smooth and blends so well! I would not say its hydrating but it is not drying in my opinion. I love how well it blends as it hides fine lines giving a luminous finish. Woohoo!

Penneys Make Up Brushes

When I am applying concealer I do not apply it in dots under my eyes as this makes the product harder to blend out. I prefer to apply in streaks, literally streaks under my eyes in a triangle shape.
This technique disperses product more evenly around the skin. I always try to avoid applying too much concealer directly under the eye as I have lots of fine lines here.I have to say this concealer does not crease as it has a silky texture to the formula. I find the best way to blend in the concealer into your foundation is by using your finger to tap out the edges, avoiding harsh lines.

Nars Radiant Concealer

Another thing I love is the Packaging! Its so sleek and screams sophistication! Its compact and so easy to pop into your handbag for touch ups etc. I love all of Nars's packaging! Glam Glam!

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Go on treat yourself..its worth it!

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