Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fuller Looking Lips

Coral lips

Hi everyone,
today I am posting on how to get fuller lips thanks to Kylie Jenner the world has gone Krazzy for fuller more voluptuous lips. I wore this lipstick recently and loved the creamy finish and fuller look it gave my lips!


The products I used to achieve this fuller lip were; "Max Factors" lipstick in the shade "Bewitching Coral" and "Catrice" lip liner in the shade "Red Lip District". However in my opinion both products were a coral shade not a red shade unlike the liners naming. 

I ensured that my lips were clean and had no foundation residue on them and that they were not dry. If your lips are dry I suggest you try exfoliating them on a regular basis. What I do which I know sounds crazy is I  keep a clean spare tooth brush and in the mornings I use the tooth brush over my lips moving it in circular motions. This removes dead skin and promotes circulation, this in turn enhances your lips fullness for a period of time. Win Win rigghhtt?! Once your lips are smooth its a good idea to apply a thin layer of lip balm and allow it to soak into your lips. I recommend the "Burts Bees" lip balms as they are very moisturising.

Now the fun part! When your lips are all prepared I suggest that you over draw your lips, however please do not over draw them completely or you could end up looking like a duck! But in saying that you do you boo! Ensure that your liner is sharp. I like to start lining my lips at my cupids bow this is where I over draw my lips the most. I begin by  over drawing the top of my cupids bow a few mm more than where my natural lip line ends. This enhances the shape of my lips. When I am happy with the cupid bow shape I like to pat the liner and blend it into my lips. This removes excess product and works it well into the lip given it a more natural look. After I have done this I will reline my lips the same way all over again this time filling in all of the lips with the lip pencil. The next place I personally prefer to over draw my lips in the fullest part of my lower lip not the edges. I again use the same technique. I draw my lips a little fuller where it is naturally fuller and blend the liner in again as this also increases longevity of the lip look.

 that you have lined your lips its time for your lipstick. 
I personally like applying lip stick from the bullet. I am lazy to apply with a brush!! I like to apply a thin layer then smack my lips together. I then will grab a tissue and split the tissue in half. I then gently touch this off my lips and press my lips against the tissue, again this removes excess product and works the lipstick into the lips. After I have done this I will then apply another coat of lipstick. At this stage some people like to apply the tissue to their lips again and dust a light layer of translucent powder onto the tissue, This is to set the lipstick and improve its staying power however I rarely remember to do this! I love to apply a dab of a high lighter on to my cupids bow to finish off the lips I love to use "Macs soft and Gentle" high lighter. This will help pull out your lips and again make them look fuller. Light pulls things forward and dark shades push things back! you get the idea its all about creating the illusion of fuller lips!

This is the end result of all my lippy work!

Generally speaking if you would like to have bigger and fuller looking lips you may be better of using a matte lipstick! But I am so into coral shades right now that I just wanted to share this look with you all.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog!

Love Eleanor x

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