Friday, 1 May 2015

My Favourite Brushes

My Must have Make Up Brushes for your  Make up Base

Hi everyone!
Today I am Blogging about my favourite brushes for your foundation base. Did you know that a lot of people still apply make up without brushes? I would not be able to cope with out these few trusty brushes of mine!

I think for everyone its a big must to look our best and enhance our natural beauty! Well I find that these brushes have helped me achieve just this!

I will start of with my favourite brushes that I use to apply my base with! 
( like my foundation concealer and powders)

It gives me great confidence when I achieve what I think is a flawless base! Just a tip I always apply my primer or moisturiser with my fingers! As I feel the heat from my hands warms up the products and helps the skin to absorb the product blurring out fine lines and pores.

I love to apply my foundation on a daily basis with my "Real Techniques" "Expert face brush". This brush will help you achieve a flawless base. I use this brush in circular buffing motions on the skin and this really blends in the foundation into my skin given a natural look to the skin. This  technique helps to blend away any harsh lines. The brushes bristles are 100% synthetic and unlike natural haired brushes this brush will not soak up your product. Another bonus is that synthetic haired brushes are less likely to shed. Also this amazing quality brush is easy to shop its readily available in a boots near you and is quite inexpensive! This brush retails for about 14 euro, I think this is a bargain as in return you get a flawless foundation application!

After  I have applied my foundation I generally apply concealer, however sometimes I don't bother if I am having a good skin day!
For this application I have two favourite brushes both again from "Real Techniques".
If I am doing glamorous make-up  for a night out I tend to prefer to use the "deluxe crease brush" to apply my under eye concealer. Right now it is really popular to have that Kim Kardashian sculpted look. At times I like to apply my concealer using the technique Kim K made famous. This "deluxe crease brush " is so easy to use and buffs the concealer into your skin effortlessly giving that desired Kim K look. The brush itself is domed shape which makes it so easy to apply concealer into those hard to reach areas. For instance your eyes inner corners where all that unsavoury pigment is. Now with just a flick of this brush it covers up that pigment. Similarly to the "Expert face brush" the bristle are 100% synthetic hair, also for those of you who are concerned these brushes two brushes are cruelty free!!!
If  I am applying concealer to my everyday face make up I like to use a fluffy brush as I feel it blends the concealer in a lot faster. The brush I use is "Real Techniques" "Base shadow brush". I also love this brush for spot concealer as it applies the product accurately and can blend the edges away without disturbing the concealer on the spot. 

After I have allowed my foundation and concealer to set I move onto my powder application. For this I use a brush I have had with years from "Elizabeth Arden". The brush is shaped flat and at an angle and I love this as it presses the powder into your skin at specific locations. I love this as you can build up coverage if you want to or apply a light dusting of powder. I have washed this brush so many times and its still retained its shape and its bristles! So mind your brushes ladies there an investment and will last you years if you mind them!

 After I have applied my powder I will apply my blush and bronzer. For this I use the same brush which I know some people will frown upon! But Heeey you do you Boo! I use the "Inglot 15bjf" this brush is small and fluffy. It is essential that these bristles are soft and are not excessively firm as we do not want to disturb our concealer. This brush is made from natural hair which makes it extra good for blending product and soaking up extra product you may have dabbed onto your skin. I love a natural haired blush/bronzer brush as I love to really blend my blush/bronzer into my base knowing that I wont have any harsh lines left as the bristles will absorb the product.

If I am doing glamorous make-up I love to add in a spot of contouring! For this I like to use a small fluffy brush to help carve out my cheek bones effortless. The "Inglot 6ss" brush does exactly this, avoiding a muddy looking contour. When applying your cheek contour it is so important to blend and blend and blend tirelessly with your "Inglot 6ss" to avoid harsh lines and an un-natural look to the face. This brush will do most of the work for you making your contour a lot easier!

This Brush is so handy to have! Even I need to invest in more of them! The "Inglot 6ss" is incredible at applying your high-lighter for that glow we all love! It literally packs on your high lighter without given you that cake face look! Yaaaaaasssssss!! Just remember that when you have packed on your high-lighter with this brush you must blend away the edges!

I hope you enjoyed reading this Blog! I highly recommend you invest in some of these brushes for your own make-up kit! 

Love Eleanor x

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