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How to Conceal and Brighten your Under Eye

How to Conceal under eyes
How To Conceal Under Eyes

Hi Dolls!

Today is just a quick post on how to apply your under eye concealer! This method is for removing dark circles and brightening your under eye. I will have a more detailed post coming soon on how to high light your under eye for night out/occasion make up!

How To Conceal Under Eyes
So you could say that this is my every day routine for concealing. So as always I need to ensure my skin is prepared with moisturiser. To achieve glowing skin click this link

The skin under your eyes is so delicate and thin and normally quite dehydrated so it really is essential that your moisturise it to keep the skin plump. This skin prepping stage will help to stop the skin from excessive creasing. Which is very unflattering! 

For me I have dark rings around my eyes they are a bluey purple colour. The pigment is at its worst around my inner eye and nose area. Concealing your under eye properly can make you look so much more awake and maybe a tad younger! Winning!

So you are probably thinking that this is going to be really complicated? Nope! Let me tell you that I myself never used to conceal my dark circles, I thought my foundation did the job for me. Well yes it did but not for long. |The foundations only used to conceal the darkness for an hour or so then.. baaaammmm...I would be sporting some lovely blue rings around my eyes especially around my inner nose. 
How To Conceal Under Eyes
Give your skin a few minutes to soak up the moisturiser. When you have waited I like to grab my Deluxe crease brush by Real Techniques and my NW15 Studio Finish Concealer. So this is the most important step grab your self a mirror! Look into your mirror and try and see where your eyes are the darkest. This concealer is full coverage so you do not want to apply it all over the eye as it could cause creasing. I like to apply this concealer with my Deluxe Crease Brush around the inner corner of my eye as its the most pigmented, and I blend it down under my eye underneath the tear duct area. If I am tired and have heavy eye bags  I might apply it a little past the tear duct area.

I like to then dab my concealer with my ring finger to remove excess product, this helps reduce creasing.

How To Conceal Under Eyes

Now that I have removed the darkness and pigment from my eyes  I like to apply a brightening concealer. For this I love to use Mac Prolong Wear in NC15. I apply this is a triangle shape underneath my eye. I start by applying this all over my eye lid as it acts as an eye shadow primer and a concealer. I then drag it down the inner corner of my eye towards the tip of my nose and all the way back up towards the outer corner of my eye. This lifts the eyes forward and creates the illusion of your eyes been brighter and having less eye bags! Yayy!

Again I like to use my ring finger to tap the under eye to remove excess product. When you are applying concealer try to dab the product as it will blend into your skin more seamlessly. 

I like to use a high lighting concealer that is a shade lighter than my everyday concealer as it helps again to brighten the under eye and make your eyes look less puffy. 

How To Conceal Under Eyes
Its essential that you set your under eyes no matter what your skin type! No one likes a face that looks like its melting! I like to use a light dusting of Rimmel Stay Matte All Day powder in Translucent. I apply this under my eye on my eye lids and down the side of my nose. This helps to prevent your skin looking oily. 

I hope this does not sound too complicated! Once you give it a try and practice once or twice you will be able to do it all with your eyes closed!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
If you have any questions you can tweet me or leave me a comment!

Love Eleanor x

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