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Karma Kream Hand & Body Lotion

 Hi Dolls!
So now that the Leaving Cert is upon us the Irish Summer should soon commence! That means that us ladies need to get our legs Summer ready! Out with the razors, goodbye to the Winter!

I have gotten myself into a good routine of keeping my skin soft, I try to moisturiser my body after every shower. It literally takes me only an extra two minutes. It helps to keep my elbows and feet a little less dry. Now that Summer is here I shave me legs more often because hey who sees them in winter?? I love Lush Cosmetics at the moment they are amazing! I love to lather my skin in my Lush hand and body cream called Karma Kream. Firstly this cream smells amazing I wish I could eat it! It is a light weight cream that makes it easier for the skin to absorb perfect for that quick application. So this is how I routinely take care of my skin.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

So then the most important part of my tanning routine is to exfoliate your skin. I am quite vigorous with my exfoliation. I like to go into the shower wet myself with some warm water all over. I then will switch the shower off and apply my Lush exfoliator called Ocean Salt  all over. I rub this into my skin in circular motions towards my heart. This technique will help drain your body of excessive water retention, I have also heard it can help with removing cellulite. Bonus! Please pay special attention to your feet, elbows, knees and your décolletage when you are exfoliating as these areas tend to be the driest areas and will absorb more tan. I spend a good few minutes exfoliating my skin to get it as smooth as possible and to also eliminate any oils in my skin. Oils may be found in your moisturiser or perfumes as these will hinder the way the tan takes to your skin. Rinse off your exfoliator and shower as normal etc, I advise that you do not shave before your tanning application.

Cocoa Brown Tan Mousse

After I finish in the shower I like to turn the shower to cold as this closes my pores. I like to give my skin a little while to relax after my shower as my legs go red after a shower etc. When applying tan I like to use a tanning mitt or plastic disposable gloves. I love to use the Cocoa Brown tan that develops in an hour. This is nice and convenient and handy for a last minute application. I like to use the mousse tan. Firstly before I apply tan I apply a thin layer of Vaseline onto my feet soles, toes, hands, elbows and a little around my eyes! If you would like more tips on Vaseline uses click here.

When I have this done I apply my tan onto my mitt and rub it gently onto the skin. A good tip is that when you are doing your arms only squirt out two pumps and remember to use only two pumps on the other arm. This helps  you to get an even coating of tan easily! Also tan your body in sections, I like to start off with my legs then do the upper body. I find my chest tends to be a problematic area it always takes an extra coat of tan to make sure it is the same colour as the rest of my body. A little tip.. you may not like this idea.. but when I apply my second coat of tan to my chest area I like to use the least amount of product around my breasts. I think that this creates a natural contour and makes my bust look fuller! Try it and see! 

If you like to apply tan to your face use product sparingly. When applying tan to my face I like to use the mitt and then use a stippling brush to blend it out all over my face this helps to avoid streaks. Sometimes my tan may develop a little darker on places like my knuckles and toes and my double chin. So for this I like to use a little bit of toner on a cotton pad after my rinse shower, this helps to remove excess product.  

If I have time I like to leave my tan develop longer than a hour maybe two to three and then I will shower.If I am having a day of pampering I stay in my dressing gown its loose and wont imprint on my tan. Try to wear loose clothes if you have to get dressed. When its time to shower I do not use a flannel or a scrubber in the shower just my hands to rinse of the excess pigment. When I get out of the shower I pat myself dry to avoid disturbing the tans placement.
Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Moisturiser

I love my tan to last longer than just my night out so for longevity I like to use an oil free moisturiser like Cocoa Browns Chocolate Whip oil free moisturiser. The oil free moisturiser does not disturb the tan and creates a barrier locking in the tan. I also find my skin really moisturising after this cream which is important as skin needs to be hydrated to keep tan from fading. 

I hope this helped you Dolls out!
Happy tanning and hopefully the sun comes out for us!
If you want more tips you can always leave me a comment or a tweet!

Love Eleanor x

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