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Hi Dolls!

I hope you are enjoying the Summer weather? It has been nice here in Ireland recently causing me to splurge on Summery outfits on Boohoo and Missguided! OOPPS! Not to worry we all deserve a treat!

Today I want to give you an overview on my thoughts of the Slendertoxteas 14 day Teatox!  I was kindly sent this product by the company themselves but my thoughts are all my own entirely. Lets get started.

I will start by saying if you are trying to shift a few stubborn pounds before your holidays/event or a wedding you need to try this Teatox! Whether you want to combine the Teatox with a healthy eating plan or not you are bound to see a difference in yourself! I did!!

Firstly I did not know a whole lot about Slendertoxtea, so when I looked up information on them I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many celebrities were using it! This immediately made me think it must work? Right? For more info on Slendetoxtea click here.

As recommended I started the Teatox on a day where I was not that busy. I drank a cup in the morning before I ate anything. I actually did not find the tea unpleasant whatsoever. It reminded me of green tea and I drink a lot of Green tea so I actually enjoyed this first thing in the morning!

It is important to allow the tea time to brew to get the full benefits of the Teatox. I left it for 3-4 minutes. There is a scent to the tea but it smelt similar to Green tea not unpleasant to me at all.
I carried out my day and I was happy go lucky, I ate normally today. I then at around 8pm brewed the night time tea. Again I left this time to brew. I did not think this tea tasted any different to the morning and again enjoyed sipping it. 

The next morning I needed the loo. Needless to say it does cleanse your colon! I frequented the loo twice this morning. Boy I never thought that I would be blogging about my loo habits!! Moving on swiftly.....I then carried on with taking my morning tea. Today I had a busy day so I was rushing around all day long. I did need the loo a few times during the day, and it was a sudden urge but thankfully I was near a loo! I was tired this evening and took myself to bed early, You only take the night time tea every second day!

I decided I was going to make the most of this Teatox so I tried to make my diet a little more health friendly, I swapped out a meal a day for a Caesar salad. I still snacked on probably a few too many sugary treats! But I did make a little improvement. If you would like more diet and healthy eating advice click here.

A plus side for me on this Teatox is that I did not feel hungry I still ate regular meals but I did not crave as many snacks etc. I also drank more water as its important to keep the body hydrated whilst on a detox. 

A few days into my Teatox and I became uset to me needing the loo a little more often, it usually occurred around 2-4 pm. I know I cant believe I am documenting this on my Blog but hey I am trying to be honest!

I can honestly say that my lower stomach area looked less bloated! It looked slimmer! So personally I was delighted! I also found that I felt more energetic, I had started going for a few evening strolls something I was never enthusiastic about. I really did feel like I had more energy as normally by four in the day I am drained! I was delighted to see results already I know they were not drastic results but it was encouraging!

The only negative I had was when I was a week into the Teatox I did find that on the nights I took the night time Teatox I started waking with tummy cramps..They were uncomfortable but they did not keep me awake for long. By the morning when I was up and about I felt normal again after I had been to the loo of course! lol!

Near the end of my Teatox I did miss one of the night time teas as I felt I did not want any cramping during the night. I read other peoples reviews and they had no cramping and some did so I guess this was somewhat normal. I just personally did not like been woken from my sleep, as I love my sleep too much!

Overall though I did feel great on this Teatox. I had weighed myself prior to this detox and at the end and I am delighted to say I did loose 3.5 pounds! I was delighted I definitely think I lost this from my stomach area and my face! I now feel that I am bikini body ready! It has motivated me to continue staying healthy and to maybe try loose a little more!

I hope you found this review helpful and informative! Tweet me your progress! Happy Bikini bodies Dolls! Thanks again Slendertoxtea for sending me this product I will definitely be using this again before I go on my sun holidays! Who wouldn't want a slimmer looking tummy?? 

Love Eleanor x

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