Wednesday, 29 April 2015

L'oreal Infalliable 24 hour Foundation

Hello everyone! 
Today I am going to review this foundation "L'oreal Infallible 24hour matte foundation" in the shade "porcelain".
L'oreal Infalliable 24hr foundation
I can tell you right now I will not be repurchasing this foundation. 

Lets get this Nose selfie trending!

 This photo is to high light how the foundation settled into my pores and broke up allowing my red pigment to shine threw! I know its very un flattering and definitely  not long wearing  like the way it states to be 24 hour wear?! 
It also takes a lot of product to build coverage I applied in thin layers and built it up in the areas i needed more coverage. However it wore off extremely easily.It seemed to me to be a sheer to medium coverage however it did not stand the test of time.
I shiver when I look at this! I look so old and my pores are so large! I may just add that my pores are not useually this big..this foundation has just super enhanced them! This has to be an obvious plus....I joke! Im not usually into matte foundations but said I would test this out, so disappointed with it's overall performance!

I tried really hard to make this foundation work for me I applied with primer without primer with moisturiser and again without moisturiser each way left  me personally with poor results. My skin looked dry and thirsty compared to other foundations I use. It showcased all the negative things about my skin firstly it en larged my pores...Bonus right??? Not!! It did not conceal my redness, my forehead looked like a field that had recently been ploughed! So attractive!
Just to note my skin type  is dry to normal, so for other skin types this may be your cup of tea. ...just not mine! I also set this foundation with a light application of translucent powder by Rimmel "stay matte all day" threw my T-Zone to ensure longevity! But as mentioned  it did not wear well..ohh the irony! 
On a positive  note whilst shopping I did notice it had a large range of foundation shades varying from super pale to quite dark. I am personally in the shade "Porcelain". It was relatively inexpensive but did not meet any of my expectations.

This was me wearing the foundation 2/3 hours after the application! Let me know what you guys think?
I feel like it makes my skin look so dehydrated and has creased into all my fine lines! 👎👎

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful.
Love Eleanor x


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    1. Hi Heather, yes u was so annoyed I was really looking forward to trying it. But it did not flatter. But it could have been my skin type (Normal to dry). Thanks for reading!xx